Yaminorius III (ヤミノリウス三世 Yaminoriusu Sansei?) is a magician from the Great Demon World and a servant of the Demon King Gokuaku, sent to Earth to cause chaos there and convert it into an extension of Gokuaku's domain. To this end, he makes Demon World Beasts to terrorize people, but the Ganba Team and Ganbaruger always get in his way.

During his battle with Tōbē Kirigakure after Ganbaruger defeated the first Demon World Beast, he turned the ninja into a dog via a magic curse, and attempted to do the same to the Ganba Team, however their suits protected them from turning into dogs. The curse instead became one where they turn into dogs should their identity be revealed to anyone besides their father who was already turned into a dog.

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