Raijin-Oh (ライジンオー Raijin-Ō?) is the titular robot of the Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh television series. It was given to the students of Class 5-3 in Hinobori Academy by Eldran. Raijin-Oh is composed of three different robots; Ken-Oh, Hou-Oh and Juu-Oh [1]. Its pilots are Jin Hyūga, Asuka Tsukishiro, and Kōji Hoshiyama of the Earth Defense Class.

The command used to begin the combination is "Raijin-Oh! Invincible Combination!", after all 3 medals are transferred to the commander.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Raijin-Oh's weapons and attacks are as follows:

  • Raijin Flash: A green crystal-like projectile that comes from Raijin-Oh's chest.
  • Raijin Boomerang: A boomerang from Hou-Oh's tail section.
  • Raijin Claw: Hou-Oh's talons are used as a weapon mounted on the wrists.
  • Raijin Sword: The finishing weapon that is stored in the Raijin Shield.
  • Raijin Shield: Juu-Oh's head acts as a shield here.

Its finishing move is the God Thunder Crash, which involves trapping the enemy with the Raijin Shield and making a deep cut into it.


Raijin-Oh first appeared when the Jaku Empire was launching its attack on Earth, piloted by Eldran. It was assembled from Ken-Oh in the form of a white light that came from a volcano in Japan (and the first one that Class 5-3 saw), Juu-Oh in the form of a blue light that came from the Sphinx in Egypt, and Hou-Oh in the form of a red light that came from one of the Nazca line drawings in Peru. Using the robot, Eldran tried to stop Belzeb from launching a missile full of Akudama at the Earth, but couldn't, however the missile was destroyed by an attack from Belzeb which struck Raijin-Oh as well. The Akudama ended up being spread all over the Earth, and Raijin-Oh along with Eldran were sent falling to class 5-3 of Hinobori Academy, in which the kids were present at the time. There, Eldran entrusts Raijin-Oh to the children, so they can protect the Earth in his stead. The robot disappears, and the class returns to normal, but is modified overnight to serve as a base for the individual components of Raijin-Oh.

The day after, a Jaku Beast attacks, and Ken-Oh, Hou-Oh and Juu-Oh are sent out to confront it. The pilots don't know how to battle the enemy initially, but then they learn they can combine into Raijin-Oh and the tide quickly turns in their favor.



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