Magna Saurer (マグナザウラー Maguna Zaurā?), known as Magna Tyranno (マグナティラノ Maguna Tirano?) in Dinosaur Mode, is one of Eldran's robots from 64 million years back in time that was found using the Saurer Gyro that was stranded in the present time. It was brought back to the present time by Kinta to help his team-mates in battle.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Its main weaponry is a pair of powerful cannons that can be used in humanoid mode, and aside from that it can become a weapon for Go-Saurer, namely the Magna Buster. It also has a blade of its own and a bomber move similar to the Saurer Bomber that involves generating a red crystal from the chest portion and throwing it like a football rather than punching it.

  • Tyranno Smasher


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