Hot-Blooded Strongest Go-Saurer (熱血最強ゴウザウラー Nekketsu saikyō gōzaurā?) is a 1993 anime television series created by Tomy and Sunrise. It is the third installment of the Eldran Series.


The Mechanization Empire has succeeded in mechanizing the entire Solar System, with the exception of planet Earth. They had been targeting the Earth in both the present and the past (64 million years prior) at the same time, but their attempts to add it to their ever-growing empire are thwarted by Eldran, who entrusts the protection of Earth in the present to a group of elementary school children in the 6th grade from Harukaze City, the Saurers, who with the giant dinosaur-like mecha that were given to them by Eldran, Go-Saurer, battle against the Mechanization Empire and halt their quest to turn the Earth into another part of their dominion in space.



Mechanization Empire

  • Machine God
  • Gear King
  • Geeg
  • Electricity King
  • Engine King
  • Gilturbo
  • Atom King


Combination Chart Gosaurer

Combinations up to Gakuengar.

Eldran merged each of the dinosaur robots with Harukaze Elementary school, beginning with Go-Saurer, and also doing the same for Magna Saurer and Gran Saurer after they were first used, and thus a portion of the school has to be detached whenever Class 6-2, the Saurers, have to deploy.


Episode Number Japanese Title English Title
1 出現! 恐竜ロボ!! Appearance! Dinosaur Robots!
2 全員集合! ザウラーズ Everyone Assemble! Saurers
3 パイロットは誰だ!? Who are the Pilots!?
4 出動時間は10分間! Deploy Time is 10 Minutes!
5 地球最後の日曜日 The Last Sunday of the Earth
6 大逆転! ゲームの達人 Great Reversal! The Game Master
7 電撃ザウラージェット Electric Shock Saurer Jet
8 炎の海を乗り越えろ! Cross the Sea of Flames!
9 決めろ! 必殺ブレード Settle this! The Finishing Blade
10 オトコ涙の一本勝負! One-Game Match of Manly Tears
11 超電磁バリア大作戦! Super Electromagnetic Barrier, Great Strategy!
12 ピンチピンチの大決戦
13 ザウラーズTV大騒動 Saurers' Great TV Uproar
14 緊急事態! 戦う保健室 Emergency Situation! Battling Nurse's Office.
15 独占! ザウラーズ百科 Exclusive! Saurers Encyclopedia
16 壮絶! 歯車王の最期!! Fierce! The Last of Gear King
17 強敵! 電気王の挑戦!! A Formidable Enemy! Electricity King's Challenge!!
18 復活! マグナザウラー Revival! Magna Saurer
19 ザウラーズ大反乱!? Saurers' Great Rebellion!?
20 侵入者をさがせ! Find the Intruder!
21 銀河系デスマッチ! Galactic Death Match!
22 洋二、男の旅立ち! Youji, a Man's Journey!
23 決戦! 最後の夏休み Decisive Battle! The Last Summer Vacation
24 温泉旅行は大混乱! Hot Spring Trip in Huge Chaos
25 凶悪! 超(ハイパー)デスボルト Brutal! Hyper Deathvolt
26 甦れ! グランザウラー Revive! Gran Saurer
27 新たなる敵エンジン王
28 涙のシンデレラボーイ
29 超熱血キングゴウザウラー!
30 ワン・ツー・ピンチ! One-Two Pinch!
31 爆走! ザウラーカート
32 激突! ヒーロー決定戦
33 嵐のカンニング計画! Stormy Cheating Plan
34 大逆襲! ギーグの罠 Counterattack! Geeg's Trap
35 まぼろしの美少女戦士 Illusory Pretty Girl Warrior
36 大噴火! ばくはつ五郎
37 ザウラーズ絶体絶命!
38 閃光のギルターボ!
39 最終(ラスト)バトル! 機械化城
40 恐竜時代への旅立ち
41 サバイバル! 恐竜時代
42 光と闇のゴウザウラー
43 さよなら恐竜時代
44 新春熱血ザウラーズ!
45 恐怖! 悪夢の新学期
46 拳一はロボット人間!? Kenichi is a robotic human?
47 砕け! 鋼鉄の呪い Smash it! The Steel Curse
48 出動! サイボーグ拳一 Move out! Cyborg Kenichi
49 ザウラーズ最大の弱点 The Saurers' Greatest Weakness
50 いつまでも熱血最強! Always Hot-Blooded Strongest!
51 時空(とき)を越えた空へ! To the sky beyond time!
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