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Gran Saurer (グランザウラー Guran Zaurā?), known as Gran Tops (グランティラノ Guran Topusu?) in Dinosaur Mode, is the reborn Bōeigar, the Triceratops-model robot that the Defense Force together with the Saurers built. After it was turned into a Mechanization Beast by Electricity King, Yōji managed to take control of it despite its resistance, and it was struck down together with Yōji to the bottom of the Earth. It was there that Eldran resurrected it as Gran Tops, to defeat Electricity King.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

It has 3 different modes, Human, Triceratops, and Jet. It was discussed by the professor while Bōeigar was still in development, prior to it becoming Gran Saurer.

  • Tricera Arrow


Bōeigar, the original form of Gran Tops.

The Defense Force, after being denied technology to battle threats to the Earth 3 times by Eldran who always chose children over them, decided to make a robot weapon of their own, in the form of a Triceratops and calling it "Bōeigar". Meanwhile, the Saurers heard of it and wanted to help out with its creation, to which General Takeda was initially opposed since they had their own mecha but he relented anyway. Takako said that the plans for the robot from then on included transformations into human and jet modes (which would later be possible after being resurrected as Gran Tops).

After it was complete, there was a disagreement between the Saurers and the Defense Force over who would pilot it. The Saurers chose Yōji to pilot it but he failed and nearly caused an accident, which led to General Takeda being the one to pilot it.

A while afterwards, Electricity King came as Hyper Deathvolt for one last battle, and overwhelmed the Saurers with his new power. Bōeigar was also brought in to battle by General Takeda, but couldn't make a difference and he exited the robot as Hyper Deathvolt turned it into a mechanization beast. Yōji arrived at the scene from his house, and after a great deal of hesitation, he decided to be the one to hijack beast Bōeigar and try to get it under his control. After some resistance he succeeded, but Hyper Deathvolt split the ground between them and sent them falling down beneath the Earth.

Eldran then appears to Yōji in Bōeigar and upgrades it into Gran Tops, after which it rises from underneath the school. Yōji tries to pilot it and initially fails again, but after the rest of the Saurers taught him how to use it, the tide had turned. Gran Tops then transformed into Gran Saurer, after which all the Saurers attacked Hyper Deathvolt together, and it was the one to land the finishing blow.


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