Energetic Explosion Ganbaruger (元気爆発ガンバルガー Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbarugā?) is a 1992 anime television series created by Tomy and Sunrise. It is the second installment in the Eldran Series


When Kotarō and his father, Tōbē Kirigakure, accidentally rip apart a seal that kept the Demon King of the Great Demon World, Gokuaku, under wraps, Eldran appears once again to protect the Earth by entrusting the robot named Ganbaruger to Kotaro and his friends Rikiya and Yōsuke, who then become the Ganba Team. He then forces Gokuaku back down into the abyss and repairs the seal.

However, Gokuaku sent out one of his servants, the dark wizard Yaminorius III, from beyond the restored seal, to work to break the seal and turn the Earth into another part of the Great Demon World. To this end, he uses Demon World Beasts to cause chaos, which Ganbaruger protects the Earth from.

Kotarō's father, while battling Yaminorius III, is turned into a dog via a powerful magic curse. The three members of the Ganba Team also fall under this curse, but are not turned into dogs straight away; rather the curse will activate when their identities are revealed, and as such they must live as secret heroes until the Great Demon World is finally defeated.


  1. Robots Discovered!
  2. A Big discovery of superpowers!
  3. Our secret will be discovered
  4. Duel! Violin Battle
  5. The Cake Ran Away!?
  6. Fly, Fly, to a Home Visit!
  7. The City's turned into a Sandbox!
  8. Ganbaruger in a Pinch
  9. Miracle Baseball with Superpowers
  10. Octopus-Squid Brothers Appear!
  11. Yōsuke's a Bzzt Human!
  12. Aozora City is Starting to Walk!?
  13. The Password is Ribbit-Ribbit!
  14. Demon World Whale Flies through the Sky
  15. Come out! Revolger
  16. Rikiya vs. Ganbaruger
  17. Fear! The Trap of the Demon World
  18. Shocking Demon World Courage Test
  19. Run! Reversal Ramen
  20. That banana's decisive battle
  21. Gokuaku Revives!
  22. Birth! Gekiryuger
  23. Close Call Great Combination
  24. Clash! Comic Panic
  25. Surprise! Invisible Man
  26. The Demon World Beast is a Cook!
  27. He's Here! Shinobi Ganba
  28. A Big Uproar! Miracle Sports DAy
  29. Magnetic Attract-King!
  30. Universe-sized Great Rampage
  31. Time Slip in Aozora City
  32. Floating Balloon Bus
  33. Kasumi vs. Ganbaruger
  34. Demon World Outrageous School Play
  35. Go For It! One's own delivery!
  36. Bunch of Kotaro's!
  37. Dead Heat with Kotatsu!
  38. Yaminorius of Justice!?
  39. Santa is the City's Great Thief!
  40. Hero has Rice Cake Phobia!?
  41. The Loved One is a Magician
  42. Astonishing enemy! Great Magic
  43. Absolutely Perfect Date Operation
  44. The Great Secret of the Great Demon World
  45. Grand Revival of the Three Great Demon Kings!
  46. We're an Energetic Explosion!
  47. The Ultimate Final Great Showdown!


Ganba Team


Combination Chart Ganbaruger

Combinations up to Great Ganbaruger.

Ganbaruger is initially given to the Ganba Team by Eldran to protect the human world from being conquered by Gokuaku and Yaminorius of the Great Demon World. Revolger and Gekiryuger are introduced later in the series to match the enemy's growing power.
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