Counterattack! Geeg's Trap (大逆襲!ギーグの罠 Dai Gyakushū! Gīgu no wana?) is the 35th episode of Hot-Blooded Strongest Go-Saurer.


The 6th grade class of Harukaze Elementary School were given tickets to an advanced amusement park island that is based on Go-Saurer that turned out to be a trap. Geeg tried to kill them on amusement park rides throughout the park, but the Saurers survived each and every trap. Once they found out that Geeg was running the park, they confronted him. Geeg then summoned miniature versions of Gear King, and Electricity King to deal with them. The Saurers survive them and manage to escape the island.


  • This is one of 3 SD self-parody episodes, the other two being episodes 15 and 44.
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