Bakuryū-Oh (バクリュウオー Bakuryū-Ō?) is a special re-enforcement mecha that Eldran provides the Earth Defense Class with, meant to be a secret weapon in the event that Raijin-Oh alone is not enough to defeat the enemy. For long it rests under the school itself, until soon Jaku Satan makes an appearance, which, in combination with the Jaku Beasts, necessitates the long-awaited awakening of this mecha.

Bakuryū-Oh is a remote-controlled mecha that takes the entirety of the Earth Defense Class for its operation - this means that if there is fighting among the Class's students or someone is absent, it is at a disadvantage as not everyone within the Class would be able to properly control it to its fullest extent, and in the event of an absence, its operation would require Earth Defense Class students multitasking in more than one operation duty if someone needs to cover for the absent student.

It has two modes which it changes between via Invincible Transformation:

  • Dragon
  • Robot

Bakuryū-Oh posses the following weapons and attacks:

  • Dragon
    • Attacks: Bakuryū Fire (バクリュウファイヤー Bakuryū Faiyā?)
  • Robot
    • Weapons: Bakuryū Cannon (バクリュウカノン Bakuryū Canon?)
    • Attacks: Bakuryū Cutter (バクリュウカッター Bakuryū Kattā?)

It also has the ability to join forces with Raijin-Oh via Super Invincible Combination to assemble God Raijin-Oh.


For a time, its dragon form has had no specific name given, meaning it is known as Bakuryū-Oh in both forms. Eventually, the form has a separate name assigned to it: Bakuryū Dragon (バクリュウドラゴン Bakuryū Doragon?).

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